Friday 16 October 2015

Leeds Fold Studio Party, October 29th

Recently, a group of jazz musicians in Leeds took over a rehearsal and recording studio. Their aim is to use the space as a hub for creative and improvised music in the North and to provide affordable rehearsal and recording facilities. Spearheaded by composer James Hamilton, Leeds Fold also includes musicians Kim Macari, Will Howard, Jamil Sheriff, Sam Quintana and Kathy Dyson.

Leeds Fold have operated for a few months already, but on October 29th the doors will be opened to all for a party to celebrate the space. There will be a set by the Leeds Fold musicians, a recording of an original christmas song written by vocal outfit the Honeybirds (and mass handbell choir led by James!) and a jam until the early hours.

Attendees can register their place online for free and attendance is on a Pay-What-You-Feel basis at the door (all funds go into the running of the studio). Places are limited so be quick!

For more information on the space, visit the Leeds Fold website or read this article written by Apollo Jazz Network.

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