Friday 19 April 2013

Seven Deadly Sings...

As her website says, you may have noticed that vocalist Louise Gibbs has been keeping a low profile for a few months. Well, that's because she has been working on an ambitious new project - a 50 minute song cycle for voice and septet based on the seven deadly sins.

Gibbs has brought together a group of accomplished musicians to perform this new work including Quentin Collins, Tim Whitehead, Tony Kofi, Tom White, Sam Leak, Oli Hayhurst and Sam Gardner.

As well as performances, the group are planning a number of outreach and educational activities connected to the project:

1. A lyric and song writing and improvisation project for schools/school age children (11-18yrs) (theme: employing improvisation to spur composing and song writing - and vice versa - using composing to create frameworks for improvisation); and/or
2. A open jazz and improvisation workshop for singers and instrumentalists and/or
3. A pre-concert discussion of psychological, philosophical and ethical issues behind the theme of Seven Deadly Sins. 

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