Friday 5 May 2017

12 Points Announces Line-Up for 2017 Festival

Officially announced during JazzAhead in Bremen last weekend, 12 Points have their line-up for their 2017 festival which takes place in Aarhus, Denmark in July.

The full list of ensembles is listed below but a special congratulations goes to Taupe, a current Northern Line group and North East based trio who have been selected as the UK group to perform this year!

For more information, check out the 12 Point website.

12 Points 2017 will feature - BigSpoon, chuffDRONE, Francesco Orio Trio, Kirke Karja Quartet, Lars Fill Frit Fald, Marie Kruttli Quartet, Post K, SCHNITZL, Sheep Got Waxed, Significant Time, Taupe and Tommy Moustache.

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