Thursday 1 December 2016

NJN Advent Calendar - Fragments Trio (Dec 1st)

Behind the first door of our 2016 NJN Jazz Advent Calendar is Fragments Trio, a collaboration between drummer Johnny Hunter, pianist Adam Fairhall and double bassist Seth Bennett.

We are starting off with a bang as this Fragments Trio track is 20 minutes of beautiful music.

Click here to listen to Fragments Trio -

Fragments formed in 2014 in order to work on new and better ways of integrating improvisation and composition. Rather than incorporating improvisation into composed frameworks, the trio uses Free Improvisation as their base and then may, at any point, begin playing one of a series of pre-composed fragments of musical material. The choice of fragment, the way it is incorporated into the improvisation and what happens after the fragment is played are all open to the spontaneity of the moment. This method provides a more flexible, spontaneous approach to the overall structure of a set in comparison to more conventional compositions, but still provides the virtue of a composer’s input via the fragments themselves. Each fragment is designed to inform a different sound space and is both substantial enough to give the players something to ‘chew on’ and flexible enough to allow many possible interpretations. They are also very varied in idiom, ensuring a constantly changing listening experience.

 Adam Fairhall - piano
 Seth Bennett - double bass
Johnny Hunter - drums

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