Friday 9 September 2016

Lancaster Jazz Festival Binge, September 15th

The Lancaster Jazz Festival kicks off next weekend and the jazz community of Lancaster are celebrating the launch with a huge evening of music featuring almost every jazz group in the area.

On September 15th, The Gregson Centre will have performances in three rooms from 7pm until midnight and all for the bargain entry price of £5. An incredible 16 groups will perform, showcasing the burgeoning scene in Lancaster and setting the tone for a wonderful weekend of music during the festival.

To find out more about what the festival has in store, visit the Lancaster Jazz Festival website. Visit the facebook event page to find out more about the Festival Binge event.


Main Hall - OTR (7pm), Orbit (8pm), Ponyland (9pm), The Intiative (10pm), Meter Men (11pm)

Olive Bar - Luca Brasi 4 (7pm), Muskrat Ramble (7.45pm), Deep Cabaret (8.30pm), LJQ (9.15pm), Stephen Grew (10pm), Some Some Unicorn (10.45pm), Elephant in the Room (11.30pm)

Cinema - Bill Roberts Billionaire Trio (7pm), Howard Haigh (8pm), Sue Parish Jon Moore (9pm), Atomic Brass (10pm).

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