Friday 19 August 2016

Protect your ears with the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Help Musicians UK and the Musicians' Union have teamed up with Musicians' Hearing Services to offer subsidised hearing tests and custom fitted earplugs to professional musicians across the country.

By applying to the scheme, musicians will be able to access specialist care for a one-off price of £30 (£40 for non-MU members). The offer includes -

  • An audiological assessment and ear check-up (worth £145)
  • One set of custom made, specialist musicians' earplugs (worth £170)
  • An automatic call back for a subsidised hearing test every two years (costs £20, worth £90)
The scheme comes as a result of a 2015 hearing survey conducted by Help Musicians UK which highlighted a need felt by musicians for advice on how to protect hearing. The scheme is open to any professional musician, regardless of age, genre or instrument.

For full information and to apply for the scheme, visit the Help Musicians UK website.

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