Friday 19 August 2016

Chances to learn about jazz on LCoM's short courses

Throughout the year, Leeds College of Music offers a wide range of short courses for musicians of all abilities - from those who want to build on their existing skills to those who are brand new to music. Between September and December this year, jazz lovers will have a number of options. The Leeds College of Music website has full details on each course, how to apply and the prerequisites.

Pop and Jazz Choir (from 19th September, £150) - led by Jenny Chamberlain Smith

Jenny will teach an eclectic repertoire, giving you the chance to explore different styles of harmony singing, including call and response, close harmony, a cappella, and different styles of backing vocals. Material will be taught using a combination of aural and written traditions. During the 30 week course there will be three informal performances.

Introduction to Jazz Piano (from 28th September, £120) - led by Bob Birch

Working in a small group, this practical course will introduce you to some of the key concepts in jazz piano and improvisation by exploring practical jazz theory. You will learn how to play from lead sheets and play a wide range of jazz and blues repertoire in a friendly and supportive environment. You will be introduced to chord symbols and voicings, extended harmony, walking bass lines and using scales to build confidence in approaching jazz improvisation.

Jazz Composition Weekend (12th November, £150) - led by Rob Mitchell

This weekend course will introduce you to the foundations of jazz composition and arranging. The course will explores techniques, devices and structures used in composing melody, harmony and rhythm in jazz, with a focus on writing lead sheet and small ensemble compositions. Part of the course will be theory based with the opportunity to input compositional ideas into Sibelius software with a view to your own compositions being performed and work shopped.

Jazz Improvisation Weekend (3rd Devember, £150) - led by Rob Mitchell

This weekend course is ideal for the inexperienced improviser wishing to gain more knowledge, experience and confidence in improvisation and jazz. Taught in an ensemble environment, you will study the development of improvisation, jazz phrasing, chord scale relationships, understanding II V I harmony, guide tones, jazz lines, rhythmic development, jazz blues, rhythm changes and altered chords. Although this course is suitable for all instrumentalists (including drums), there is a focus on melodic instruments. The workshop sessions will provide plenty of opportunities to perform in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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