Monday 1 February 2016

Kala Sangam's Journeys of Jazz, February 27th

Kala Sangam is hosting an evening of music to celebrate UNESCO's International Year of Global Understanding in Bradford on February 27th.

Vijay Venkat, the Musician in residence at Kala Sangam - a multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre performer and composer will play the violin and the bamboo flute with a group of expert musicians - Jack Warlop, a professional musician trained in New York and well versed with jazz and other musical genres will be playing the piano/keyboards, Hugh Bradley a bassist and a very popular musician on the festival concert circuit will play the bass, Claudio Kron a multi-percussionist and singer will bring the rhythmic beauty of music through his percussive brilliance whilst the well known percussion experts and brothers Bangalore R. N. Prakash and Pratap will be adding colours to the percussion part through the south Indian Classical two faced drum Mridangam, Ghatam (the mud pot), Kanjira (single framed hand-held drum) and vocalised rhythms. 

Away from the usual Jazz standards, these musicians coming together on this special occasion of celebrating the multi-cultural and multi-genric meeting of creative minds, will endeavour to understand each other's specialities in a global perspective to create New Music. They will endeavour to journey through various musical genres which is the hall mark of improvised music. This seamless multi-genric excursions into creativity - a hall mark of all embracing Jazz, is what will be explored considering the diversity of musicians that are involved.
The event takes place at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre based in St Peter's House, Bradford, BD1 4TY. Tickets cost £7.50/5.00 concessions and a family ticket is available for £20. 
Find out more by visiting the Kala Sangam website

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