Friday 8 January 2016

Surprise Fusebox gig with MOLE, Saturday 9th January

Fusebox has announced a surprise gig will take place at the Fox and Newt in Leeds this Saturday, 9th January featuring a brand new group - MOLE.

Fusebox's main programme doesn't start until the end of January, but the group are in Leeds writing and recording so have decided to debut the material live.

Event Details -

MOLE is a brand new Anglo/Irish/Norwegian/French collaboration between the LIMA-compadres Christophe de Bezenac (saxophones), Petter Frost Fadnes (saxophones), Dave Kane (double bass) and Paul Hession (kit). MOLE represents the unexpected, the uncanny, the ambiguous, and searches the dark undercurrents of sonic possibilities in their pursuit of righteousness, peace and good music. MOLE is an acoustic quartet that will tear you a new one.

Except some FULL ON FREE JAZZ & MODERN COMPOSITION amongst other things !!!

So, if you are suffering with the post Christmas, New Year blues then come and be uplifted with MOLE and be among the first to hear their new work.

The indomitable, Chris Sharkey (guitar and electronics) will be providing support with a solo set.

Doors open at 8.00pm and we are still only charging £8/£6 in 2016

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