Wednesday 23 December 2015

NJ Advent Calendar - Video: Stretch Trio (December 23rd)

 Stretch Trio met while studying at LCoM and have won both Jazz North Introduces and the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award. This film was shot by photographer and film-maker Maria Alzamora.

  Live electronica unit, Stretch Trio, blend digital ambience and soundscapes, with driving drum & bass grooves. Blurring the line between the premeditated structure of programmed electronic music and live real-time interaction, Stretch Trio appeal to both the die-hard dance fans and astute improvised music fans. At the end of 2015, Stretch Trio will be recording their sound defining second album, to be produced by Pete Wareham. Expect fierce sub-bass, ambient effects loops and precision drum grooves that grab you by the throat.

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