Friday 13 November 2015

Ian Shaw and Georgia Mancio help refugees in Calais

The world's media has been rocked in recent weeks by the shocking footage of the refugee crisis. The Calais Jungle, a sprawling camp in the North of France, is the largest gathering of refugees and there has been growing campaigns on social media to encourage people to donate clothing, food, shelters and volunteer time.

Two of the country's best loved jazz vocalists, Ian Shaw and Georgia Mancio, have spent a huge amount of time on the ground in Calais providing vital support. Using their reach on social media, they have spread the word about drop-offs they have made, trips with cars loaded with supplies. They have documented their time there, exposing the dire conditions and providing updates on the groups of ordinary people who have dropped everything to help people in need.

The team at NJN would like to congratulations to both Ian and Georgia, as well as all other volunteers, for their efforts so far. You can keep up to date with their work on their facebook page.

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