Thursday 1 October 2015

JazzUK, the new face of Jazz Services

There has been much uncertainty in the UK jazz community since it was announced that Jazz Services would not receive arts funding to support its activities. The organisation has gone through significant restructuring and spent time researching how a future Jazz Services would fit in and truly benefit the jazz scene.

Recently, it has re-emerged under a new name, JazzUK (though this was the name of the listings magazine that they used to distribute so not entirely new), has a new website and has announced the first phase of plans for the next few years.

There appears to be three main strands - Community Jazzlabs, Dissolve JazzLab and #4Jazz festival in Conventry. The North is mentioned in the Community JazzLabs strand, with a two year programme of community and improvised music hubs being developed in Northumberland as well as in Coventry and South Cornwall.

Dissolve JazzLab is part of their Learning and Participation thread and aims to increase provision of jazz education and improvised music for young people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

JazzUK has not yet mentioned any projects that will take place in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and so far, the UK in their name refers only to England.

For further information, visit their new website.

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