Friday 8 May 2015

Gig Preview: James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - 'Covers Suite' at Seven Arts

James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra 
Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton, Leeds
Sunday 31st May

Award-winning composer James Hamilton is bringing his jazz orchestra to Seven Jazz later this month to perform two suites of music, one featuring a host of special guests.

The Yorkshire Suite was commissioned by Jazz Yorkshire and performed by the Doncaster Jazz Orchestra at Seven Arts last year to mark the end of Jazz Yorkshire. The band will perform this suite again in the first half of the concert.

The second half features some brand new music in the form of the Covers Suite. This brings together the jazz orchestra with singers from the Leeds music scene. Seven singers will be featured, with songs being selected by fans on facebook and twitter. The singers are -

Simon Wainwright (Hope & Social)
Simon Fletcher (Hand Made Hands)
David Henshaw (Dancing Years)
Jasmine Kennedy
Dan Lucas (Boss Caine)
Sam Thornton (Louis Louis Louis/King Zepha)
Grant Fennel (Cotton Woolf)

For more information, see the Seven Jazz website.

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