Wednesday 4 March 2015

Gig Preview: Samadhi at Sela Bar

Samadhi Quintet
Sela Bar, Leeds
March 15th, 10pm
Free Entry

Marking the release of their debut album, The Dance of Venus, on F-IRE label, Samadhi will perform at Sela Bar on March 15th.

Led by drummer and composer Sam Gardner, the group received a touring grant from Jazz Services and will perform in a number of cities in England this month.

Samadhi – achieved through meditation – is a state of consciousness where the logical and analytical ability of the being becomes silent. It is thus a space from which music flows, unimpeded by the ego’s thought and judgement.

Samadhi Quintet explore ‘number in time’, the essential nature of music by combining the highly structured numerical systems of rhythm found in Indian classical music and the pinpoint precision grooves and rich harmonic progressions of hip-hop

Full information, videos and upcoming tour dates can be found on the Samadhi website.

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