Thursday 16 October 2014

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere releases new album

Sheffield-based improvising group Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere are set to release a new double CD through Martin Archer's Discus label.

The group's first album garnered many positive reviews not only from the UK but internationally and the new double album is sure to make an impact yet again.

A sample of the new material can be found on the Discus website, where the album can also be pre-ordered.

 Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere are -

Martin Archer – organ, electric piano, electronics, Eb saxophones, clarinets, voice, VST trumpet 
Chris Bywater – organ, synthesizers & electronics, samples, percussion, voice, electric violin 
Steve Dinsdale – drums, floor percussion, synthesizer 
frostlake – voice, electronics, glockenspiel 
Yvonna Magda – electric violin, loops & electronics 
Walt Shaw – percussion, voice, electronics 
Terry Todd – bass guitar, effects, voice 
Mick Somerset Ward – concert, alto and bamboo flutes, Bb saxophones


Paul Schatzberger – violin
Heather Cordwell – violin
Aby Vulliamy – viola
Angela Rosenfeld – cello

Juxtavoices – choir

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