Wednesday 10 September 2014

Gig Preview: FUSEBOX & You at Light Night, October 3rd

                                                       Fusebox favourites Shatner's Bassoon

Light Night, an annual event in Leeds which hosts over 50 free arts event between 5pm and 10pm on October 3rd, will this year feature an evening of improvised music curated by FUSEBOX. The evening will showcase a number of different ensemble sizes with prominent members of the improvised music scene moving in and out of the performance. The unique aspect of this evening, however, is that every one of the ensembles will be conducted by members of audience.


Come and listen to the sounds of the Leeds improvising community with the chance to conduct the band yourself. Manipulate, gesticulate and pull faces at them, or otherwise coerce them into playing the music you want to hear! Tonight, for one night only, the improvisers of Leeds are under your control.  A night of interactive improvised music, free and open to all members of the public, celebrating Leeds' rich heritage and ongoing subculture of improvised and creative music making. The event will focused on shifting the control of the music from the musicians to the audience. Members of the public will be invited to have a go at controlling the band through simple gestures, facial expressions, and even dance; the musicians will then interpret these to create new, uniquely collaborative, pieces of music.

The large ensemble performances will be interspersed with small group sets ranging from soloists to quartets. This will provide the audience with a range of ensembles to experience, and allow the musicians to have breaks whilst the event continues. The audience will be free to come in and out, interact or listen at any time during the evening adding to the welcoming and playful atmosphere.

The event takes place at Levantes Dance Theatre in Carriageworks (Millenium Square) and is free. 

The entire programme of events plus a map detailing locations can be found on the Light Night website.

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