Friday 23 May 2014

Laura Cole Birthday Gig at Seven Arts

Seven Arts, Leeds
Friday 23rd May

Pianist and composer Laura Cole is to celebrate her 40th birthday with a gig at Seven Arts this evening, Friday 23rd May. The evening will feature Laura's large ensemble, The Bennett Cole Orchestra, as well as the Vuillamy/Murray/Bennett trio.

The Bennett Cole Orchestra, which Laura co-leads with bassist Seth Bennett, is a collection of improvising musicians that perform original works by both Laura and Seth. Their last appearance at Seven Arts was to a sold-out audience and tonight will also feature some special guests so is sure to be another unmissable gig.

The line-up for the Orchestra is: Seth Bennett, double bass; Katie Patterson, drums/percussion; John Arnesen, drums; Ollie Dover, soprano/alto sax; Riley Stone-Lonergan, tenor sax; Richard Scott, baritone sax; Richard Ormrod, reeds; Helen Baines, clarinet; Aby Vuillamy, viola; Semay Wu, cello; Paul Moore, tuba; George Murray, trombone; Chris Burge, trombone; Kim Macari, trumpet; Nick Fletcher, trumpet; Laura Cole, piano.

The Vulliamy Murray Bennett trio was formed by accident around two years ago, after Bradford Svengali Andy Abbot asked them to do a gig together. The trio had a fantastic time playing in an abandoned shop in Bradford, and decided they ought to do more together. Since then, they've played a lot more music together, as a trio, in the Bennett-Cole Orchestra, Fusebox Composers' Orchestra, and in various configurations of duos with others. 

The trio have spent their time expanding mutual language and enjoying each other's playing, exploring the intersection of their instruments and their training; improvisation traditions from both Western Classical and Jazz musics, played on three instruments that are all traditionally accompanists rather than leaders. Aby and George spent a long time in Glasgow, playing with Scatter, the Glasgow Improvisor's Orchestra, the One Ensemble and lots more, and Seth has been haunting West Yorkshire for years, playing with 7 Hertz, idst, Metamorphic and Nut Club, amongst others.

Aby Vulliamy, Viola and Voice
George Murray, Trombone
Seth Bennett, Double Bass and Voice

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