Monday 7 October 2013

Apollo Jazz Network launches Collaborations programme

                                David Austin Grey

Touring organisation and collective, Apollo Jazz Network, will launch a new initiative this Saturday (October 12th) at HEART in Leeds. Apollo Collaborations will feature musicians from across the UK brought together to work on original music and host one-off gigs.

Director Kim Macari says...

We're so excited to launch Apollo Collaborations. In essence, we bring a group of musicians together, set up a day of rehearsal and end with a performance in the evening. The idea of connecting musicians from different parts of the UK and abroad and providing performance opportunities for them is central to Apollo. Almost every jazz musician I know composes and it's such a useful experience to work on your material with new musicians - you get feedback and a different angle on things you mightn't have thought of before. A programme like this has benefits for musicians, promoters and audiences and we're hoping to use this framework to host 4 or 5 of these events a year.

The first of these gigs will feature pianist David Austin Grey (Birmingham), guitarist Stuart McCallum (Manchester), bassist Tom Riviere (Leeds) and drummer Steve Hanley (Leeds).

For more information on Apollo, visit Kim Macari's website. For venue details, visit HEART website.

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