Wednesday 6 February 2013

We Want You! (To contribute to the website...)

We'd like to open our doors to some new contributors at Jazz Yorkshire. Whether you'd like to start a weekly column or just send us a one-off article, we want to hear from you.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed but here are a few suggestions of things we had in mind -

Previews from musicians/promoters - sending us previews of your upcoming gigs or recordings is a very effective tool to get people to notice and connect with your music. An article that describes the music, the group, how you brought it together and why you're excited about it is a lot more personal than 17 facebook invitations.

Reviews - if you have an album or concert you attended that you'd like to review, we want to hear it. We may also have a space for a regular reviewer on the JY team if you are an intrepid gig-goer.

Interviews - if you have someone you think we should interview, get in touch and let us know - we publish one per week and we're always looking for new people to add to the list.

Articles - Reactions to things in the media or within the jazz community, or anything else you'd like to write about. These can be one-offs or regular slots.

We want to grow our team of contributors to make the website as varied and relevant as possible. So, contact us at (replace AT with @)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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