Tuesday 18 December 2012

Chris Walker's last booking for Jazz at the Lescar, Sheffield

Wednesday 19th December

Chris Walker says "Tomorrow is my last night promoting jazz at the Lescar. It will be carrying on next year under the watchful eye of Jez Mathews and Sheffield Jazz. There are some fantastic bands coming up. He'll send you the flyer as soon as it's ready. Thanks for your support over the years. Come down tomorrow for some festive fun and merryment!".

WWoLA Led by Bob Ludlam – Trumpet/Vocals, Dave Hepworth – reeds, Charlie Ludlam – Piano, Chris Walker – Guitar/Banjo, Kevin Walker – Bass, Special Guest on Drums.

Lescar Hotel, Sharrowvale Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield. S11 8ZF

About Bob Ludlam's WWLA Band
Formed in 2010 as a commemorative tribute to the 110 years of Louis Armstrong’s continuing influence on music and entertainment. The aim of the band is simply to create a happy, lively musical party.........as Louis did!

Led by Bob Ludlam – Trumpet/Vocals, Dave Hepworth – reeds, Charlie Ludlam – Piano, Chris Walker – Guitar/Banjo, Kevin Walker – Bass, Special Guest on Drums.

Jazz at the Lescar is a major feature on the Northern jazz scene. Run by musicians for musicians. Below is a list of bands who have played at the Lescar over the past three years. Long may it continue!

5 Pieces of Silver
Adrian Ingram's Jazz Dawgs
Aimua Eghobamien
Alan Barnes
Alpha Manouver
Andy Scofield/Jo McCallum Jazz Orchestara
Beats and Pieces Big band
Ben Crosland Quartet x 2
Ben Martin
Bits And Pieces Big Band
Bob Ludlam's World Of Louis Armstrong
Brazilian Spirit Of Jazz
C Bop
Cannonball Express
Cat Leghard Quartet x 2
Chet Chat
Chris Walker Quintet
Claude Werner Quartet
Cookin' Pots
Dagda Quartet
Dark Side Of The Lounge
Dean Masser Quartet
Derrick Harris Quartet x 2
Dizzy Club x 2
Djangonauts x 2
Downside Up
European Union Quartet x 2
First Circle x2
Frank Brooker
Freddie Garner Quartet x 2
Fruit Tree Project
Gary Boyle x 2
Gary Potter Jamie Taylor
Glass Mystery
Howard Alden
Howard Walker Quintet x 2
Impressions x 2
Jacqui Wicks
Jazz Department
Jazz Yorkshire Showcase
Jiannis Pavlidis x 2
Jim Mullen
Joel Purnell
John Etheridge
John Good Band
John Taylor Quintet x 2
Juliet Kelly
Kat Eaton Quartet x 2
Kate Peters
Kristian Borring Trio
Lush Life
Magic Hat Ensemble x 3
Mathew Holborne with Djangonauts
Matt Anderson Quartet
Matt Chandler
Moss Project x 2
Myrtle George
Myrtle George Quintet
Nick Fletcher's Big Dipper
Nicki Allan Jazz Sextet
Nicola Farnon CD Launch
Nicola Farnon Quartet / Sextet
Nikki Alan Sextet
Organic Trio x 2
Phil Meadows Quartet
Plinio Dourado
Powell O'Kane Quartet
Road Worn
Robin Nolan
Rod Mason's Elements x 3
Ronnie Bottomley's Jazz Orchestra x 2
Rosie Brown Quintet x 2
Round Trip x 2
Russel Van Den Berg
Sally Doherty Quartet x 2
Sam Coombes Quartet
Sarah Bennett/Curt Shaw x 2
Sarah Ellen Hughes
Sarah Littlefield Band x 2
Sarah Mitchell Quintet
Seb Pipe's Life experience
Shakedown Jazz Band
Sheff Jazz Showcase
Sheff Uni Jazz orchestra
Steel City Bones
Steve Buckley Trio x 2
Stuart McCallum Trio
Tessa Smith Quartet
The Dan Collective
The Trio bacame Magic Hat (4)
Toby Greenwoods We Free Kings
Trashcam Collective
Trefor Owen x 2
Tribute to Chet Ens.
W W of Louis Armstrong

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