Friday 23 December 2016

NJN Jazz Advent Calendar - Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat (Dec 23rd)

Behind our penultimate door of the NJN advent Calendar is a talented young saxophonist Emma Johnson and her group, Gravy Boat.

Click here to listen to an exclusive preview of the band's upcoming EP -

Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat is an outlet for Emma's original compositions, which aim to explore the different textures and possibilities that can emerge from a small band of close-knit musicians performing together. 

The Gravy Boat set sail from Leeds in 2016 and have been performing local gigs whilst honing their sound. Emma's writing for the quartet displays a contemporary sound rooted by strong melodies and the band have recently recorded their first EP, which is due to be released early in the New Year. Expect catchy melodies woven around strong grooves, sharp contrasts in texture and dynamic to keep the listener on their toes and that underlying friendly feeling that comes from something new, but just a tiny bit familiar.

Saxophone - Emma Johnson
Guitar - Calvin Travers
Double Bass - Sam Quintana
Drums - Alasdair Wells

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