Friday 11 November 2016

Vote Now in the British Jazz Awards

Voting has opened for the 2016 British Jazz Awards. Organised by Big Bear Music, this is the 31st consecutive year they have celebrated the best of British Jazz.

Open until 30th November 2016, the public are invited to vote for their top instrumentalists and vocalists as well as new album and best reissue.

In each category, 4 nominations are displayed. However, voters are welcome to provide an alternate nomination in the 'other' box. In two cases (clarinet and piano) the option to give an alternate nomination has not worked, so to vote for someone else in these categories, you should email

Interestingly, one of the nominees, Liane Carroll as well as vocalist Sarah Jane Morris, have taken to facebook to call for the broadening of the nominees - encouraging voters to use the 'other' box to vote for musicians to spread awareness of the wealth of jazz talent across the UK.

To vote, follow this link.

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