Thursday 30 June 2016

Scholarship offer to attend the International French Jazz Summer School

For those among you who enjoy both good weather and great jazz education, the International French Jazz Summer School should definitely be on your radar if it isn't already.

Taking place in a chateau in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France, three courses run each summer - the main jazz course, a specialist singers course and the advanced improvisors course.

It has been announced that a very small number of scholarships are available to attend this year's advanced improvisors course which takes place between 20th and 27th August. These scholarships are available to front line players and bass players. This scholarship will reduce the cost of the course from £855.00 to £350.00. This price includes the tuition, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals.

The tutors leading this course will be Simon Purcell and Julian Siegel. Participants will focus on

•    contemporary approaches to jazz improvisation
•    repertoire - non-standard song forms
•    contemporary approaches to melody, harmony and rhythm
•    interactive rhythm section
•    devising effective approaches to practising jazz improvisation

Those interested in finding out more about the scholarships available should contact To learn about the course structure, location, tutors etc of this and other two course offered, visit the Jazz Summer School website.

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