Thursday 28 January 2016

Jazz January - Can Jazz Work on Normal People?

There's an interesting experiment going on in London this month as Matt Pannell asks the question - Can jazz music work on normal people?

The project will see a number of people who haven't been to jazz venues before attend gigs with 'jazz advisers' to guide and inform. Matt then logs the results, noting their highs and lows and overall views.

There are a number of reviews already completed on the site with one more to go before the result is published. It seems that the majority of the concerts are big band gigs, but the final gig with the Steve Gadd trio.

An interesting look into people's perceptions of jazz and it's especially nice to see some children being taken to gigs (their reactions seemed to be the most positive of all).

Head over to JazzJanuary and have a read...

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