Monday 30 November 2015

NJ Advent Calendar - NORVOL Jazz (December 1st)

Behind door number 1 is NORVOL Jazz, the network for voluntary jazz promoters in the North. Voluntary jazz promoters make up a huge percentage of the opportunities for live jazz performance in the North and they're a vital part of the infastructure. Countless volunteer hours go into running weekly and monthly gigs across the region as well as educational programmes and jams.

NORVOL Jazz was formed around 4 years ago, growing out of a smaller group of jazz promoters in Yorkshire who met up with support from Jazz Yorkshire. Since then, NORVOL Jazz has opened its doors to promoters right across the North and its membership now exceeds 30 clubs and festivals in every corner of the North.

To date, NORVOL Jazz have received arts funding from Arts Council England twice. The first allowed the network to run a series of professional development days for promoters with experts in fundraising, marketing and audience development. The second, announced only recently, was a large grant to work in partnership with Apollo Jazz Network in setting up a touring network for live jazz in the North og England. NORVOL will run three tours in 2016 and early 2017 with Apollo, bringing high profile international artists to small venues across the North.

NORVOL's website is packed full of information on the venues and clubs who are members, maps of their locations, news on upcoming gigs and more.

To all the volunteers who dedicate their time to running jazz clubs and festivals, we salute you!

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