Friday 11 September 2015

On The Snap - Jazz, Film & Crime Fiction

As part of the Sensoria Festival in Sheffield (25th September - 3rd October), there will be a talk by music writer, author and avid jazz fan Brian Case.

Case has a career spanning over 5 decades of writing for publications like NME, Melody Maker, Time Out, Uncut and The Times. Writing about his passions - jazz, film and crime fiction, he developed a strong readership and some rather unusual accolades, like being the first journalists to go on tour with the Sex Pistols.

In this event, Brian Case will be interviewed by the CEO of Film London, Andrew Wooton and will discuss his life and new book, On The Snap.

“His writing was surprising, funny, elusive, erudite, emotionally engaged and all his subjects in this book from Ian Dury to Norman Mailer, from Don McCullin to Tom Waits, the whole gang of motormouths and shutterbugs, junkies and pussy hounds, the witnesses to bebop and Belsen, get a fair hearing and words shaped by acute sensibility.” Richard Williams Melody Maker

The event will be held at Trippets Lounge Bar in Sheffield with tickets priced £5/4. Details on the event and how to buy tickets can be found on the Sensoria 2015 festival website.

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