Friday 18 September 2015

How To Run A Jazz Club with NORVOL

It's the Lancaster Jazz Festival this weekend and if previous years are anything to go by, expect a lot of high quality music and lots of sold out performances. We reported on the festival a while back and listed our highlights, but check out the Lancaster Jazz Festival website to see what's going on.

NORVOL Jazz are going to be holding an event on Saturday September 19th as part of the festival entitled How To Run A Jazz Club. It's a free seminar event aimed at encouraging new people to become jazz promoters. (It's fitting that the event should be held at Lancaster Festival as the director Matt Robinson is a prime example of an ambitious young promoter really making a difference to the scene).

This event is aimed at people who want to become jazz promoters, or who may already do some jazz promotion and want to do it better. You may be a musician wanting to develop venue for people to play, a volunteer with an interest in jazz, or a promoter in other areas of the arts wanting to include more jazz in your festival or programme. This event will help you achieve that.

The seminar will focus on: finding a venue, developing an audience, planning a programme, developing the local jazz community through workshops, masterclasses, jam session and paying for it all! It also provides a prime opportunity to network with successful Northern Jazz promoters.

Find out more on the festival website. 

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