Tuesday 18 August 2015

Want to help the Lancaster Jazz Festival?

Only one month remains before the 2015 Lancaster Jazz Festival kicks off. This festival has gone from strength to strength thanks to the hard work of the festival team and with last year's festival selling out almost every event, this year is sure to be a huge success. (The programme includes Emprical, Tori Freestone, A Dread Supreme and a commission premiere by Calum Mcleod.)

As with many jazz festivals, they couldn't run without the help of volunteers and festival director Matt Robinson has put a call out to those who would like to be part of their team during the festival.

Behind the scenes during LJF it's a mad three days of running around, meeting people, troubleshooting and caffeine with the entire festival team mucking in from dawn to well into the early hours. The wonderful volunteers are the people that make it all happen and make sure that artists and audiences feel comfortable and that everything is running smoothy.

We need volunteers to help with audience management, to meet and greet artists, to help sell merchandise, to support our tech crews, to stop the festival team falling asleep and a million other things. There's no limit to how much or how little time you can volunteer and it doesn't matter if you have loads of experience or none at all.

There are a range of positions available including stage manager, stage tech, front of house and more. Volunteers are able to give as much or as little of their time as they are able.

Those interested should fill out the online form on the Lancaster Jazz Festival website and someone from the team will be in touch.

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