Sunday 7 September 2014

Leeds Jazz Orchestra Auditions, October 2nd

Leeds Jazz Orchestra, led by drummer and bandleader Colin Byrne, will hold their annual auditions on October 2nd at HEART in Leeds.

Colin says...

The audition process is very informal. It’s simply a question of sitting in with the band and playing with us. You may be asked to play a solo along with the rhythm section, but this is optional and you don’t have to play like Charlie Parker – just be willing to give it a go. 

You should be over 18 and about Grade 6/7 (or have equivalent experience). You will need your instrument (and amp if applicable) and a music stand. Pianist will need to bring a keyboard and amp as unfortunately we are presently unable to provide one. Drum kit and stands is provided (no cymbals).

Leeds Jazz Orchestra is a not-for-profit organisation so in order to cover expenses there is an annual membership fee of £150. You will not have to pay anything on the audition night. Auditioning is free!  

Audition night runs from 7pm until 9pm on October 2nd. More information can be found on the Leeds Jazz Orchestra facebook page and website, as well as through their twitter - @leedsjazzorch


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