Friday 9 May 2014

What Do You Do During the Daytime?

                               Art mitigating life ... Alibi (detail), by Miles Davis. Photograph: Bart Goldblatt/LMK

Jazz Journal is to run a series of articles entitled What Do You Do During the Daytime?, written by former LCoM tutor John Robert Brown. The articles focus on jazz musicians who have achieved success in areas other than jazz. 

Musicians to be featured include:

  • Miles Davis (trumpeter & abstract painter)
  • Pee Wee Russell (clarinettist & abstract painter)
  •  Leonard Garment (saxophonist, lawyer & Nixon adviser)
  •  Alan Greenspan (saxophonist & Federal Reserve Chairman
  • Woody Allen (clarinettist & film-maker)
  •  Mel Powell (pianist & Yale professor)
  •  Frank Trumbauer (C-Melody saxophonist & test pilot on Mitchell bombers)
  •  Artie Shaw (clarinettist & novelist)
  •  George Wettling (drummer & abstract painter)
 The first article, published on May 1st, is on Pee Wee Russell and can be read on John's website (where all of the articles will be published after appearing in Jazz Journal).

John Robert Brown's website. 

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