Thursday 29 May 2014

Wave Folder Records Launch Party Tonight

Verve, Leeds
29th May, 9pm

Wave Folder Records are holding a launch party tonight at Verve in Leeds featuring some of the shining lights in the world of electronic/improvised music.

Two groups will play sets during the evening; RPE Duo (Matt Postle & Radek Rudnicki) and Space F!ght (James Mainwaring, Radek Rudnicki, Tom Adams and Jakub Hader). In addition to that, James Mainwaring (sax), EDIE (vocals) and Enrico Bertelli will perform solo sets.

This event coincides with the release of RPE Duo's new album, Playground which can be bought at the Wave Folder Records Bandcamp store.

Wave Folder Records

Releasing sound origami through paper craft art forms and digital releases.
We like physical media and focus of new and creative ways of presenting it. We use digital releases and recycling paper as environmental friendly materials. We make hardware art forms to connect with real world and QR codes to link with the Internet. Working creatively with musicians and visual artist we create unique high quality releases.
Music released is electronica collided with processed acoustic improvisation. We are home for musicians producing experimental and uncompromised music. We are addressing listeners searching for unique, new and challenging sound.

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