Monday 26 May 2014

Reward Offered after burglary at 33 Records

Paul Jolly, founder of 33Jazz Records, is offering a cash reward for information following a burglary at their offices in Luton which saw thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment stolen.

In a story which ran in the Luton On Sunday newspaper, Paul Jolly said that a £500 reward was a available for information which could lead to him reclaiming the work stored on the stolen computers.

Taken from Luton On Sunday article...

“The most important things on the computers was our current work. There was also back-up material and things like financial records. It had some photos of my late wife and I kept them there because I thought they would be safe in an office. The record company has a large catalogue of about 300 albums and mainly produces material for jazz artists in the UK, US and Europe. Mr Jolly added: “It’s a big loss to us because we’re smaller than other record companies so when you have a loss like this, it will threaten the business."

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