Thursday 13 March 2014

Mike Walker launches new teaching website

A number of jazz musicians now make tutorial videos, run teaching websites and offer online lessons. We will feature a number of these in the coming weeks and we kick off with Mike Walker's Practisin2Play site.

 Guitarist Mike Walker has launched a new teaching website,, an online teaching programme and music community which aims to establish positive relationships with learning music and equipping musicians with the means to develop their improvisational skills.

The virtual village Mike has created has separate 'houses', dealing with core subjects like chords, rhythm, modes and more. Within the houses are lessons on the subject and materials that correspond with each lesson, including many tutorial videos by Mike himself.

The houses include -

Solo Studio - analysis of solos which have influenced Mike's own playing
Observatory - members can post their own videos connected to the online lessons
Tool Shed - includes resources like metronomes, tuners etc
Song Library - PDFs of tunes from various styles
House of Chords - work on common chord progressions, work on voicings etc
Rest or Rant - a forum members can use to talk, share experences and ask questions

There's a very helpful introductory video on the site which explains the (very comprehensive) site and what is contained within each area - we've added the short version of this video to the post so you can find out more.

For more information see

 One of our greatest musical treasures, Mike Walker is recognised internationally for his soaring, fluid playing. Working with him you come to realise it's like he is made of music; whether he's playing, composing, teaching or hanging out, it just seems to come out in everything he says and does - this is why he fills such a unique place in the community of musicians who revere him so much. - Nick Smart

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