Monday 31 March 2014

Edition Records Prepares For Next Stage Of Growth

In the course of it's 5 year existence, Cardiff based Editon Records has become something of the perfect business model for the small jazz label. The label has earned a brilliant reputation among fans, musicians and the press and has released almost 50 records featuring some of the biggest names in the European scene.
In a press release this week, co-founder Dave Stapleton announced that the label has secured funding that will enable it to continue to grow and keep releasing outstanding music, as it has done for the past 5 years.

The following was posted on the Edition website by Dave Stapleton:

"With 50 releases in its current catalogue, Edition looks back with pride on its achievements to date, which stem from the dedication of the label’s original founders, Dave Stapleton and Tim Dickeson. Although initially a small team with limited funds but unlimited energy, Edition is now able to implement much larger, expansive strategies to better serve its artists and engage with wider audiences throughout the world.
As part of this new phase, co-founder and photographer Tim Dickeson will step back from the daily management of the business. Having played an essential role in the development of the label over the last 6 years, Tim will continue his involvement as a non-executive director and remain vital in Edition’s heritage.
As part of its expansion plan, Edition is delighted to announce the appointments of key personnel. These individuals include Mike Gavin (publicity), Sean Bradley (sales) Talea Bartlett (German export) and Martin Hummel (non-executive chairman) who bring a new and vital skill-set to the business.
Edition remains absolutely committed to providing the very best for its artists, its fans and its customers who collectively represent the lifeblood of the label.
Edition looks forward with tremendous excitement to the extraordinary future that lies ahead.
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