Friday 21 March 2014

Eddie Harvey Arranger of the Year Award

In honour of Eddie Harvey's enormous contribution to Jazz in the UK, an award has been set up which reflects his view that jazz composers and arrangers should receive due acknowledgement of their work and position in the jazz community.

The £2,000 prize will be awarded to the winner at a premiere of the new work. Submissions will be judged through a 'blinding listening' process and the identities will remain hidden to the judging panel until after a decision has been made.

Full details can be found on the newly launched but in short, the conditions are -

  • Submissions are accepted until 31st July 2014
  • The scheme is open to British composers and arrangers of all ages
  • Submissions can be either arrangements of existing works or newly written material and can be scored for any orchestration or line-up including orthodox big band, small ensemble or any other combination.
  • Works must not have been performed previously
  • Submissions should be in Sibelius format and in duplicate - one with the applicants name and one without
To write more about Eddie Harvey, see this Guardian obituary.

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