Wednesday 23 October 2013

Jazz North East 2014 Programming Fund

Jazz North East have set up an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their 2014 gig programme after a recent funding application was rejected.

Their target of £9,000 will allow them to

...put on three gigs a month from January - July 2014 which covers the first half of the year 2014, paying the musicians a proper fee (something on which we’ve always prided ourselves). We’ll still mix up the styles, with ‘straightahead’, contemporary and free, and we’ll still aim to book the most imaginative artists from the local, national and international scene, and we will endeavour to promote more gigs that can be accessible to people with disabilities and enhance an educational facility within our programming.

The campaign runs for another 58 days, ending on December 19th. 
For full information and to contribute, visit Jazz North East indiegogo page.

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