Friday 4 October 2013

Abstract Hip Hop Orchestra TONIGHT

The Wardrobe in Leeds is holding a special event tonight (Friday 4th October) to launch their Autumn Soul Rebels programme. Run by Lubi Jovanovic, Soul Rebels has put on a huge number of acts in the last year including Ariya Afrobeat Arkestra (currently on the Northern Line scheme), Ikestra and Blue Note singer Jose James.

Tonight, the event features the Abstract Hip Hop Orchestra - ' a live big band tribute to hiphop past, present and future'.

The Abstract Hiphop Orchestra is a 16 piece ensemble led by Haggis Horns saxophonist Rob Mitchell keeping alive the culture of musicians playing live hiphop, which goes back to the first Sugarhill Records rap hits of the early 1980s and comes right up to the present day via The Roots’ live perfomances. Also inspired by the 40 piece orchestral arrangements by Miguel-Atwood Ferguson of the work of J Dilla, the band strives to merge great musical arrangements with incredible hiphop form across the decades to create an amazing live experience that truly is jaw dropping.

The evening starts at 9pm and tickets are £8.50 on the door.

Check out this video as a peek into what to expect from the Abstract Hip Hop Orchestra

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