Monday 26 August 2013

Double Success for LCoM Jazz Alumni

LCoM Jazz Alumni Geordan Reid-Campbell has launched Inauguration, the debut release from project Eclectic.

Reid-Campbell, who graduated from the Jazz course as a drummer in 2012 describes the release...

I think the traditional background of learning how to play instruments and produce, loving it to the point of obsession, combined with the want to be entirely self-reliant kind of spurred the birth of this project…”

It’s kind of like, trying to capture the broadness, emotion and depth of a score by Debussy, the soul and deep harmony and rhythm of jazz, and all the drum and synth sounds of the past 30 years I can find, and re-working it into a deep but danceable track… I want people to be able to hear the bits of mad music I’ve immersed myself in since I was a kid, I must have gone through every musical phase possible when growing up...

(From BoomBetter website)

Inauguration is being released through BoomBetter Records, a London-based label run by Alex Watson, who himself graduated from the LCoM jazz course as a guitarist in 2011. The record has released albums by Leeds-based latin jazz group Yoruba,saxophonist Phil Meadows Group and Thabo and The Real Deal, another Leeds-based oufit featuring pianist Aron Kyne and percussionist Ali Mac.

It is always interesting to chart the paths of recent jazz graduates and heartening to see that there are those, like Alex and Geordan, who are pushing music forward and finding success.

For more information on Eclectic's Inauguration, visit BoomBetter Records

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