Friday 7 June 2013


Leeds-based musicians Kim Macari and Riley Stone-Lonergan are teaming up with NYC saxophonist Leah Gough-Cooper to tour their new group, LOCUS featuring pianist Sam Leak, bassist Tom Wheatley and drummer Jay Davis.

“We all have experience of different jazz scenes - NYC, Boston, London, Scotland, Ireland, the North of England. There’s a wealth of shared experience in the group - we all write, improvise, perform…And of course, we all came through the music conservatoire system. But for all our similarities, we’ve gone down 6 different paths and that makes for a very interesting musical result.”

The group, which features 4 LCoM graduates, will perform at venues across the country and appear at two UK jazz festivals during July.

20th July - The Verdict, Brighton
23rd July - The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Jazz Festival)  

24th July - The Lescar, Sheffield
26th July - Olivers, London
27th July - HEART, Leeds
29th July - Festival Pavilion Tepee, Manchester (Manchester Jazz Festival)

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