Saturday 25 May 2013

The Music Place Jazz Summer School 2013

The Music Place, a music education centre run by Lucy Howells and Jo McCallum, are running a jazz summer school between 5th and 9th August. The course costs £325 and features tuition from some of the most exciting jazz musicians in the UK - Mike Walker, Les Chisnall, Phil Bancroft, Gary Culshaw and Caroline Boaden.

"Deepening our understanding of the simple things improves our general musicianship, which provides a stronger, more centred base. From here we can enjoy and be part of a more satisfying musical experience. Playing simple things, really well, is a challenge - we practise so things become simple - when they become simple they become most useful - complexity lives within simplicity and progress can be achieved through a deeper understanding of fundamentals."

Mike Walker, Les Chisnall & Iain Dixon 2011

For more information, see the Music Place website.

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